Friday, November 12, 2010

Richardson runs from press conference

OK, so it really wasn't a press conference. It was instead, the closest thing one gets when a politician is hiding from the press, and the truth. A reporter (Gadi Schwartz I think, but I couldn't find a link) finds the Governor heading toward his car and asks legitimate and important questions, and the Governor never stops walking and never starts answering.

Governor Bill Richardson is not going to grant a press conference on the budget. He is not going to present himself somewhere with the intention of responding to legitimate questions candidly, forthrightly and honestly.

Nor is he going to stand and deliver on questions about his appointees who are being shuffled into classified positions.

The only way a reporter is guaranteed the opportunity to ask a tough question within earshot of the Governor, is to spring out of a bush somewhere; ambush journalism.

And if given no other choice; then why not?

photo Mark Bralley


Anonymous said...

Is anyone really surprised?
Richardson lost the election for Denish (and her gutless actions didn't preserve even 1 vote probably).
Richardson is ruined, by his own hand. If he had integrety, or honesty, he would have resigned as governor. Instead, he's going to wheel & deal to the last moment.
MArtinez has the guts to call him on it. Kudos to her!

Anonymous said...

aps special education admin reps are off on a junket. at least two sp ed staffers from the twin towers are leaving on a taxpayer paid trip to a supposed convention. interestingly, one is the wife of a board conflict of interest there. one wonders if this is a wise use of money when the sky is falling around us and talk of schools closing on the horizon.
aps sp ed personnel required to sign loyalty oath. it appears someone may be leaking info to places like nmped. to counter this threat, aps sp ed admin has published a loyalty oath to neither disclose nor gather information by means of their websites. the oath includes a threat that the website is monitored and that anyone looking where they shouldn't be, heaven forbid if you mistakenly enter an incorrect name, will be dealt with in the most severe manner allowed under the law. sounds rather like an enemies list to me.
the whistleblower pretense is a set up to trap suckers into possibly revealing themselves and potentially harmful information, prior to it hitting the press. there is no whistleblower protection in aps. try raising even the slightest question about anything the adm doesn't want to discuss and you will quickly learn how open and honest information providers are treated. it isn't pretty or nice.

ched macquigg said...

If you could give me some more information; I would be happy to follow up on your concerns.

Anonymous said...

I vaguely remember something about Robbins or Percy having an SLP wife in APS Not sure though which one it was.

Anonymous said...

I knew from the start this Whistleblowers program was to root out malcontent APS employees.
Ehy doesn't NM PED have a Whistleblower site? When I tried to whistleblow on Veronica Garcia to the governor's office, they refused to take it,saying Garcia handles her own complaints for her department.
The whole mess is a sham on many levels!