Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Extending Brooks'contract wrong on so many levels

Not the least of which is, if the sitting school board extends Brooks' golden parachute, wikilink, past the next election of school board members, they will have effectively disenfranchised a majority of voters who might well oppose extending APS Supt Winston Brooks' Contract even one more day.

The same problem occurred the last time they inflated Brooks' golden parachute, link using lame duck members to grant another huge bonus on their choice for Supt; board members bestowing bonuses far beyond the terms of their own election.

Still to be seen; the Journal's take on APS' under the radar, Locksley like contract for a coach with a loosing record.

Is Kent Walz going to "see nothing" and say nothing while his Hero of Transparency makes off with another quarter million operational (classroom) dollars while no one is watching?

frame grab Mark Bralley

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