Thursday, January 12, 2012

The establishment media is complicit or complacent or something!

If the establishment media do not understand what it means to grade on a curve, wikilink, they are incompetent.

If they cannot comprehend the importance of the fact that the
recently released school grades were curved significantly;
curved beyond the point where the average parent or
community member will correctly intuit, they are incompetent.

If they don't understand that the NMPED curved their recent grades (to make schools look better) they are incompetent; the grading scale was handed to them.

Some would argue the curve went too far; it is unjustifiable.

A 75-100%
B 60- 74.9%
C 50-59.9%
D 37.5-49.9%
F less than 37.5%
Students are expected to put out 90% to earn the same grade
their school gets for 75% performance.
They must perform nearly twice as well to pass.

I cannot accept that this is not newsworthy.

If they chose to not investigate and report, for any reason
other than an honest lack of newsworthiness, they are complicit.

If the media simply don't care, they are complacent.

In the absence of any place where the people can make demands of their own, it is especially important for the fourth estate, wikilink to compel politicians and public servants to deny, defend, explain, or at the very least, acknowledge the curving they have done.

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