Saturday, January 28, 2012

APS coaches; higher standards of conduct?

KOB TV reports, link, the head cheer leading coach at an APS high school has been removed from that position because he knew cheerleaders were drinking alcohol and did not report it to authorities.

The coach will continue teaching at Eldorado HS.

One wonders what expectation applies in coaching that doesn't apply in teaching. What counts in athletics, that doesn't count in academics?

In fairness, there isn't much in the way of leadership in honest accountability to higher standards of conduct. There are no role models to emulate; the leadership of the APS holds themselves accountable only to the law; the lowest standards of all.

I used to write that there are two standards of conduct in the APS; one for adults, and a considerably higher standard for students. I stand corrected.

Apparently there are three, here listed in descending order;

  1. the standards that apply to cheerleader coaches,
  2. the standards that apply to students and student role models; the Pillars of Character Counts!, and
  3. the standards that apply to administrators and board members; the law and everything it's loopholes, technicalities and legal weaselry will allow.

... go team.

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Anonymous said...

There's a 4th Ched: Standards that apply to APS Police that allow students to drink (and not intervene), and allow themselves and their bosses to committ crimes (and not be held accountable).