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"Investigation" completed June 21, 2010

Former APS Police Chief Bill Reed, replaced the previous Chief of Police Gil Lovato, following a scandal reported in the Journal, link, in February 2007.

Lovato became the subject of a criminal investigation conducted by his own police force.

No other agency was allowed to investigate, and the results of the internal criminal investigation have not been surrendered to any other agency of law enforcement; most in particular, the District Attorney's Office.

Since the Journal first broke the story, I have been trying to see the public record of the several investigations of the scandal.

At least three investigations were done;

  1. one by APS personnel,
  2. one by the APS police force (a criminal investigation) and
  3. one by a private investigator (or two, there is some confusion)
To date, APS and their lawyers have not surrendered any part of any of them.

I had been asking Reed for the records of an investigation that had been going on, at that time, for more than three years.

On June 21st, 2010 Reed emailed;
Investigation is completed. Report is being finalized and will go to the DA's office shortly. Once it goes to the DA's office it will be available for public inspection.
That was almost two years ago.

That was long before the statutes of limitation expired on senior APS administrator's felony criminal misconduct.

Since, the statutes have limitation have expired, and the public records are still kept secret in complete disregard for intention of the Inspection of Public Records Act.

The new police force has no idea what happened to the investigation; haven't seen it or heard about it apparently, since Reed left.

... if you can believe that.

photos Mark Bralley

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