Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nobody ever went to jail for not keeping records

From New Mexico Watchdog, link, State Auditor Hector Balderas is investigating the Public Regulation Commission found "... a time when the agency had virtually no formal internal controls over use of its 120 vehicle fleet."

We can take comfort in the fact that PRC spokesperson Arthur Bishop says,

“We’re acknowledging that was a huge issue and we’re correcting it.”
Bishop went on to admit;
“From what we know of the situation right now it seems it would be very hard to line up the forensics and see who was doing what. There’s no record."
begging a question; How many other state agencies are spending billions of dollars with "virtually no internal controls"?

It is a fair question and one that will likely go unanswered except for the regular exposure of criminal activity enabled by the lack of those internal controls.

It's about preventing the theft of public resources, not about addressing problems only when someone gets caught. Is it too much to expect from politicians and public servants to make it just a little harder to rip us off?

Is casino-like security on the spending of our power and resources really so impossible to provide?

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