Friday, January 27, 2012

Thomas Paine was a blogger

Bloggers are political pamphleteers, just like Thomas Paine,
and they are every bit as deserving of Constitutional protection
of their human right to be the press, as any other member of the "so called" press.

If James Madison did not write; Congress shall make no law
abridging the freedom of the press
, to protect pamphleteers
like Thomas Paine, for whom did he write it? corporate news
agencies and darlings of government?

Government has no business granting or requiring credentials more than have been already provided by Madison. And he made no mention of needing some talisman; fetish, juju, phylactery, trinket or bauble, as proof of owning the right to be a member of the press.

And he certainly did not write that the government would decide who gets one.

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