Saturday, January 07, 2012

Brooks contract extended until 2015

When APS Supt Winston Brooks' contract last came up for extension early 2011, KOAT ran a poll, link, on the extension. They asked viewers whether Brooks contract should be extended. 1,032 people responded (a huge response); the results;

Yes 162 (16%)

No 861 (84%)
The board extended his contract anyway; filling his golden parachute up to $750K.

Journal editors were also miffed, link, that lame duck board members were extending Brooks' contract well beyond their tenure on the board.

Now the board has done it again. In two meetings in secret, allowing no public input whatsoever, they extended Brooks contract to 2015; well beyond their elected terms. The Journal reported on the decision, link, but expressed no objection.

As far as I can tell from their website, KOAT viewers haven't even been told it happened.

Though the establishment's media is reporting that Brooks didn't get a raise; he is ending up with more money in his pocket.

The decision was revealed late on a Friday, the best time to break bad news if your interest is in minimizing its negative effects.

There is no mention of the extension on APS' award winning website.

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Anonymous said...

And no APS teachers were polled. Nor were any other APS "workers".
The smug BOE passed it against all voters and APS employees that would have objected.
The whole BOE needs to be tossed in the next 2 elections!