Sunday, January 15, 2012

Honest and flawed

It would be nice to have candidates for political office that
were both;

  1. scrupulously honest and
  2. possessing of an absolutely flawless record according to the standards we apply.
That candidate does not exist.

At best, we can hope for an honest candidate with a marginally "flawed" record.

The best we have offered to us, is candidates who are neither honest nor flawless. And the only way they can get elected is to manipulate public opinion by spending millions of dollars on negative and frankly dishonest campaign ads.

With few exceptions, currency carries elections.

There are a handful of candidates that don't need to sling mud to win elections.

The best candidate I've ever seen running for any office, is Rep Janice Arnold-Jones, link, who is as honest as anyone I know and whose record is as flawless as any I've seen.

She adds manifest character, competence, and courage to a process that pays no attention them.

It will be up to the people then, to pay them the attention they deserve.

photo Mark Bralley

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