Sunday, January 15, 2012

If a half truth really is a whole lie ...

Then Journal editors lied to us this morning, link, though
it could be argued I suppose, that one can't lie in an editorial.

The editorial is about the new school grading system. The editorial is entitled;

A-F Has N.M. on Track To Serve Its Students
It is the opinion of the editors that, A-F grading of schools will foster improvement in the outcome of public schooling.

As any educator and most other people know; the grades A-F are based on performance; performance that is measured in percentages. There is an ideal outcome for any educational endeavor and students achieve some percentage of success.

It varies, but for the most; 90% success earns an A, 80% a B, 70% a C, 60% a D.

Imagine you are a student sitting in one of the five rows of six desks, and your teacher is returning test papers to your class. Imagine your grade is important to you.

Your paper is handed to you and is scored;
Further imagine; you are disappointed because you would have been especially rewarded at home, for an A.

The student next to you is very excited. S/he shows you their paper;
Imagine how you would feel.

It is an important fact to know; the school grades were curved enormously. Beyond what one would expect. Beyond what the people would or will accept.

The editors do not know, do not understand, or do not care
to tell their readers that the schools were graded on a curve.

Or that, the best explanation offered so far is, that the 76 isn't a "percentage", rather, it is the number of points accumulated out of 100 points possible (hand to God).

NM Public Education Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera (and Governor Susana Martinez) have been asked to explain in words that any middle school student can understand, why that student's school gets an A,
and the student doesn't.

They won't, and why should they,
if the press won't make them?

Skandera and Martinez are not being candid, forthright, and honest with interest holders.

Neither are the editors.

photos Mark Bralley

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James D Robertson said...

If ONE part of the evidence is false then we must consider it is ALL false!