Thursday, January 12, 2012

APS' disregard for Houston's MOU.

The leadership of the APS is trying to create a rubric for handling allegations of criminal misconduct in the APS.

The language they would like, link, reads in significant part;

If the nature of the whistleblower complaint is an allegation of criminal activity, felony or misdemeanor, of an employee, student or activity, the chief of the Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department, or his/her designee, shall complete an inquiry into the concern. Criminal activity may include, but is not limited to, substance abuse at the work place, threats, physical violence, and theft, falsification of information and destruction of property. The chief of the Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department, or his/her designee, forward the information, resolution and any necessary recommendations from the inquiry to the director of Internal Audit for appropriate follow-up.
No where is it mentioned,
the Memorandum of
Understanding they signed,
link, in which they promised
Bernalillo County Sheriff
Dan Houston, that in exchange
for commissions, they would
stop investigating their own
felony criminal misconduct;
strictly limiting them instead
APS police may pursue a violent felony in progress if the violent felony was witnessed by the APS police officer. Upon witnessing a violent felony, the APS police officer will immediately notify BCSD or the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) .
That particular stipulation be enforced, is important in light of the APS PD's ongoing, five year long, self investigation of felony criminal misconduct, link, and the surrounding cover up; proof of which lies in an ethically redacted version of the Caswell Report, and in similarly redacted public records.

The Sheriff is doing nothing apparent, in response to the allegation that APS police officers watched kids get drunk for a couple of hours one night at Valley High School, link.

Maybe this will get his attention.

photo Mark Bralley

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