Friday, January 06, 2012

Little known fact about the new APS Calendar

APS has published the 2012-13 bare bones school calendar, link.

This isn't one of the world class calendars that Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta has grown famous marketing. That will come next summer and fall.

Notice the one thing that never changes in APS calendars;
never has, and never will; first semester finals are administered before Christmas break.

The reason; if finals are administered in January, scores plummet because of the "learning" that disappears over the intervening two weeks. A mini version of the price we pay for giving students three months respite from "learning", during the summer.

Transient "learning" is the manifestation of students memorizing material for NCLB testing, as opposed to understanding the material; the basis of real and long lasting learning.

Straight biz, for what it's worth.

Raises serious questions about the transience of what is being taught and learned in the APS, and about where we might better spend our power and resources.

Too bad questions aren't allowed.

photos Mark Bralley

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