Monday, January 09, 2012

Audit committee will bail on due process for whistle blower complaints.

Unless they are stopped, the APS Policy Committee intends to rewrite board policy to divorce themselves once and for all, from their obligation to provide due process for whistle blower complaints.

APS whistle blower complaints do not get due process. Complaints against administrators and board members are adjudicated by fellow (and possibly subordinate) administrators. It creates the appearance of a conflict of interest and of impropriety.

Until tomorrow night, school board policy requires the executive branch (the board) to evaluate every single whistle blower complaint. The administration of whistle blower complaints is accountable to the people whose power is being spent, through the school board.

They have not reviewed and approved of the administration of even one single complaint. Hundreds of whistle blower complaints have been, continue to be, and apparently will in the future be, denied the due process of executive review of a blatantly compromised administrative self-adjudication.

Their proposed new language, link, here pasted in significant part;

The Audit Committee shall receive and review ... program evaluation reports from the superintendent, or his/her designee, about ... whistleblower complaints ....
Instead of doing their job as board members and making sure that every whistle blower got due process, they will take Winston Brooks' word for the fact that he gave due process to the complaints filed against him personally.

I'm sorry - that's bullshit.

Their agenda, link, includes no public input.

photo Mark Bralley

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