Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brooks golden parachute to be reinflated

In a nutshell;
a public school superintendent who can show no objective
evidence of support from students, parents, teachers or APS
employees, is about to be given a quarter million dollars
that could be spent in classrooms instead, in a meeting that
will be held in secret from the people whose interests are on
the table.

The incumbent board has no choice but to extend his contract. To do otherwise would be an admission of their failure in selecting him in the first place; he is their choice and they will not admit to having made a bad choice.

Brooks record; the Caswell report.

The Caswell report is on an investigation into public corruption and incompetence in the APS Police Force. The report contains the names of APS senior administrators who participated in felony criminal misconduct. One of the senior administrators, the one who admitted to felony criminal misconduct; APS Police Chief Gil Lovato, said at the time, "If the truth gets out in court, there won't be a single senior administrator left standing.

The Caswell report was completed in the same month Marty Esquivel was first elected to the school board, 2007.

In the intervening four years, statutes of limitation have expired on felony criminal misconduct. The board and superintendent placed the APS Police Department in charge of investigating public corruption in the APS Police Department.

They are still "investigating". Not a single piece of evidence has been surrendered to the District Attorney for prosecution.
The Caswell report is a public record.

Winston Brooks is taking money out of classrooms,
(literally out of the classroom; the funds are "operational")
to pay Modrall lawyers to use loopholes and "legal" weaselry
to litigate exception to the law for the leadership of the APS.

Modrall will litigate against the public interests to hide public records from public knowledge. Their budget is unlimited, they enjoy a large bore pipeline directly to unwitting public support for the "education" of their children, and their conscience is unencumbered by any concern for public well being.

Kent Walz and the Journal steadfastly refuse to investigate and report upon the scandal they first reported, link. It was the Journal, a newspaper of record, who published a senior administrator's admission of felony criminal misconduct.

If the Journal publishes the truth before the election,
the outcome of the election will change. So they will not.
The Journal will not report on Esquivel's denial of due
process to whistleblower complaints, nor upon the
lack of courage and character which prevents him
from holding himself personally accountable to the
Pillars of Character Counts!; the APS student standards.

Kent Walz recently joined forces with Esquivel to give
Winston Brooks a coveted hero award for "transparency"
even as the conspiracy to hide the Caswell report continued.

Quite a coup for the three people most responsible for the
mockery of the NM Inspection of Public Records Act.

Brooks' record; graduation rate increases

Brooks and Esquivel both, are misleading interest holders
about APS graduation rate increases.

Both Brooks and Esquivel are claiming increases in graduation rates as indicators of their success.

The increase in graduation rates 61-68%, is largely mathematical smoke and mirrors. The first thing they did was to drop any student who fails the 9th grade from their "cohort". The graduation rate climbed because those least likely to graduate, were dropped out of the equation and not because they were graduating at a higher rate.

Then they increased the amount of time a student could take to graduate. They increased it from four to five years. Again, because mathematical parameters changed, the graduation rate increases without any real increase the rate of graduation.

Brooks record; an independent administrative audit

Brooks, Esquivel, Maes, and the rest of the leadership of the APS, will never allow an independent investigation of their conduct and competence.

Paula Maes spoke for them all when she said
(we) will never agree to any audit that individually
identifies corrupt or incompetent administrators or
board members.

There needs to be, an annual independent administrative audit. The audit findings should figure heavily in the superintendent's further employment.

The board will extend Brooks contract in a meeting you will not be allowed to attend. If you insist upon attending you will be arrested by members of a Praetorian Guard; a publicly funded private police force that is not certified or accredited by anyone but the leadership of the APS.

They will extend Brooks' contract in a lame duck session because,
the newly elected board members and the people they represent lack the wherewithal to participate meaningfully in the process.
It cannot be stopped except with votes on February 1st.

In the meantime, write to Kent Walz, link, and demand that
he investigate and report upon the ethics and accountability
scandal in the leadership of the APS,
before election day.

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