Saturday, January 21, 2012

"APS Family Policy On Hold Needlessly"

That was the title Journal editors ran over a letter to the editors, link, Friday morning.

The letter was written by Sandi Moore and Alma Alvarez, who were identified as members of a group of APS interest holders called, Families United for Education.

They argued to the editors that they deserve due process; consideration of a policy they have proposed. They argue they have put in work and created a "cutting-edge" policy.

They complained to the editors and express their views
in their headline; APS' Policy Committee has put their
Family Engagement Policy
on a "needless hold".

The writers close with the old saw; justice delayed is justice denied.

They United Families feel "... marginalized and disrespected ...".

They should, they have been denied due process.

The Families United for Education have called for the Policy Committee to put their policy proposal on the table for discussion and a vote in February.

There are at least three groups of citizens looking for help from the leadership of the APS;

  1. the Families United for Education, and
  2. the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication, and
  3. the Partners in Education & Advocates for Public Education
Only one of them, PEAPS; enjoys APS support, link, link. The leadership of APS even published the link to their website.

The other two citizen group efforts;
  1. the United Families policy and
  2. the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication petition, link.
are languishing in APS' Policy Committee.

While the United Families complain about waiting "months"
the CACoC petition was delivered in August of last year, link,
and still hasn't seen the light of day, or due process;
open and honest discussion and a role call vote.

The Policy and Instruction
Committee Chair David Peercy
is afraid.

He's afraid of opening Pandora's
Box wikilink.

How do you start a discussion of open and honest two way communication without ending up having to actually provide it?

When he figures that out, the United Families will see their policy discussed and
the Citizens Advisory Council petition will see the light of day.

On that same day, pigs will fly, link.

photo Mark Bralley

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