Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aliens abduct Journal editors; write editorial.

Considering the lengths the Journal has been willing to go to,
to help cover up the ethics
and accountability scandal, including felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS, today's editorial, link, comes out of nowhere.

Nevertheless, it is spot on; even Managing Editor Kent Walz' buddy and golden boy, School Board enforcer Marty Esquivel, got reamed.

The Journal "education reporter" Hailey Heinz, in her report on the discussion and vote, link, didn't mention the fact the Esquivel's own seat was on the line.

Had the original and preferred plan been adopted, he would have lost his seat. That fact escaped Heinz' reporting, but not the editors' notice;

"Former Board President Martin Esquivel, who under the adopted plan would have lost his seat until the board altered it to keep him safe, had little to say."
The editorial, here quoted in significant part, is their reaction to a school board vote on redistricting, where interest holders on the west side got hosed so sitting board members could protect their own seats;
  • "... the board’s action shows that politics trumped demographics ..."
  • "... many members realized the West Side needed more representation. They decided they didn’t care.
  • Monday night’s school board redistricting vote was an embarrassing show of just how far some elected officials will go to protect their political backsides.
  • "... in the flush of the excitement of potentially being a school board member in perpetuity, (Board President Paula Maes) gushed that the current board is very “harmonious,” its members “get along” and are “making accomplishments.”
  • The board’s action sent an unmistakable message that communities of interest and equitable West Side representation going forward doesn’t matter in public education.
The editors wondered;
"... how did this unconscionable decision come about?"
and concluded;
"It would seem to be a classic blend of New Mexico politics and incompetence."
The otherwise spot-on editorial missed the mark in conclusion. They wrote;
West-Siders can no longer trust their school board to
do the right thing for all APS voters, schoolchildren and parents.

News flash, it's not just West-siders who cannot trust this board, or anyone else in APS senior leadership.

photo Mark Bralley

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