Saturday, January 14, 2012

APS looking to legislature to legitimize their cover up

The leadership of the Albuquerque Public Schools has it's
own police force. It is a publicly funded, private police force;
accountable to no one, except the leadership of the APS.

Individually, APS police officers are as qualified as any other police officer. Many are retired from the Albuquerque Police Department.

The police force itself however, is not. It is not certificated,
certified, or accredited by anybody but the leadership of the APS.

They employ it as a Praetorian Guard, wikilink.

Five years ago, the Albuquerque Journal investigated and reported upon felonies committed by senior APS administrators, link.

The leadership of the APS decided to use their private police force to self-investigate its own public corruption and incompetence. No other law enforcement agency, not even the District Attorney, has seen one scintilla of the evidence they gathered. They managed to hide it all until statutes of limitation expired on felony criminal misconduct.

The truth of those allegations lies in the ethically redacted public record of several investigations; including but not limited to an independent investigation culminating in the Caswell Report. That allegation, though true, can't be proved because they won't surrender the public record that convicts them.

They are spending dollars that would otherwise end up in classrooms; to pay Modrall lawyers to litigate exception for them, from the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, and from having to surrender evidence of their own corruption.

Their self-investigation of felony criminal misconduct reeks of the appearance of a conflict of interests, the creation of which blatantly violates the APS School Board Code of Ethics which reads;

Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof ...
There is a conspiracy to cover up public corruption.
If the public record exonerated them from that allegation,
they would surrender it.

It the truth will exonerate them, they wouldn't have had to have their own police force do the investigation, and they wouldn't be hiding the evidence.

They wouldn't have had to promote their Chief of Police Steve Tellez in secret; they wouldn't have to be paying him $90K to make sure the criminal investigation never sees the light of day.

It was he who signed Marty Esquivel's unlawful restraining order, promising to deploy police force in support of Esquivel's efforts to cover up the corruption by violating my Constitutionally protected human rights to expose it.

Their expressed intention, link, pasted in significant part;
"... APS Police be recognized as an independent police department authorized by the Board of Education and overseen by the superintendent."

The problem is, APS' axis of evil; Supt Winston Brooks, School Board enforcer Marty Esquivel, and School Board President Paula Maes (currently enforcing Esquivel's unlawful order), are up to there eyeballs in the conspiracy to cover up corruption in the leadership of the APS and their police force.

As an example of the ties that bind the media and the board, Brooks is a recent recipient of a Hero of Transparency Award, despite his unswerving efforts to hide public records from public knowledge. The award was given to him by Marty Esquivel and Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz who either bamboozled the NM Foundation for Open Government Directors, or, who also new about the cover up and gave Brooks their highest honor anyway.

Paula Maes' fist pounds last on the table at the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. Co-incidentally, not one NMBA member has shown the least inclination to investigate and report upon public corruption and incompetence in the leadership of the APS.

They will be in the
Roundhouse next week
to try to talk legislators
into giving them even
more police force to abuse, link.

photos Mark Bralley

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