Monday, January 09, 2012

Brooks to handle whistle blower complaints; even the ones against him

APS' Policy Committee will meet tomorrow at 5pm.

Unless they are stopped; they will rewrite school board policy on whistle blower complaints. The new policy will read, link;

GB7 – Whistleblower Complaints

The Board of Education shall not permit unlawful or unethical behavior by district employees. Albuquerque Public Schools shall provide employees and the community a means to confidentially file, in good faith without fear of retaliation, whistleblower complaints regarding such conduct. These complaints shall be investigated by the superintendent and/or by his/her designee.

The superintendent shall develop an administrative procedural directive to implement this policy.
APS Supt Winston Brooks will investigate all whistle blower complaints. Complaints against him will be investigated by one of his subordinates. It reeks of conflicts of interest and impropriety.

On what planet is denial of due process, good faith?

Their agenda, link, includes no public input.


Anonymous said...

Just ask RUBY ETHRIDGE how her legitament complaint against BROOKS got handled.
It became PURE RETALIATION against her!

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Ruby?

ched macquigg said...

Who knows what happened to Ruby Ethridge or any of the others who filed complaints against the leadership of the APS? They just seem to disappear.

What happened to the administrator that was suing Brooks for telling people she slept her way to the top?

Even if these people win their suits against the District, they are compelled by the language in the settlements to keep the settlement secret.

Why doesn't the Journal follow up on any of this stuff?

Anonymous said...

I believe she She was assigned a low level admin position at RGHS with the stipulation that the folowing year, her pay/position would be reduced to the equivalent of a 1st year Vice principal at $61,000/ yr.
I think she did not show up to RGHS, got a lawyer, and went on administrative leave.

Anonymous said...

I personally know the Sandia High administrator who is suing brooks. The legal process has been put in motion and she is going after the APS bully with a vengeance. Nothing will stop her from going after him! Trust me-knowing her very well-she will not be silenced after her legal battle.