Sunday, January 22, 2012

Neville and Rehm enabling APS cover up.

The leadership of the APS is covering up their self-investigation of felony criminal misconduct in their crooked as can be publicly funded private police force leadership.

They call themselves a Police Department, link, but they really aren't, and that's what State Senator Steven P Neville, link, and Representative William "Bill" R. Rehm, link, want to "fix".

The leadership of the APS had to go clear to Aztec New Mexico to find a Senate sponsor for a bill that would allow them to create their own Police Department. Incredibly, they found an Albuquerque legislator to carry their water in the House.

Secretly promoted to Chief of Police,
Steve Tellez says the internal criminal
investigation of former APS Police
Chief Gil Lovato, the only one done
by any agency of law enforcement,
is "gone".

I'm pretty sure it didn't "go" to
District Attorney Kari Brandenburg.

Brandenburg claims impotence in dealing with the admitted felony criminal misconduct, illegal NCIC background checks on whistle blowers and Tom Savage's fiance, and misappropriation of money left in "evidence" into "petty cash" to be spent without authorization or record.

Behind Tellez, APS Chief of Staff Joseph Escobedo. I think it's fair to say we are paying him to lobby in the Roundhouse, in support of legislation that will move oversight over the APS PD, from the Bernalillo County Sheriff, currently Dan Houston, to the school board and superintendent.

Houston made APS sign an
agreement that they would
stop self-investigating
felony criminal misconduct.

If Neville and Rehm are successful,
the board and administration would
again have permission to self-
investigate, and in so doing, create
unlawful, and easily avoidable,
appearances of conflicts of interest
and impropriety.

Those same appearances are created by their current efforts to move their whistleblower program, completely "in house".

APS Supt Winston Brooks is to be put in charge of everything, including more self-investigation of legitimate allegations of his own mis, mal and non-feasance.

I hope we find that both Neville and Rehm were hoodwinked into sponsoring the bill, and do not understand the magnitude of the public corruption and incompetence they are enabling.

Although the bill gives any school district the ability to create their own stand alone police department, as far as I can tell, APS is the only school district that actually has publicly funded private police force, soon to be completely autonomous "department".

photos Mark Bralley

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