Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Chump stumped

APS Supt Winston Brooks,

seen here about the time
he was ordering his
Praetorian Guard to
arrest peaceful protestors
at Manzano HS, link,

ended each of the District Goals Setting meetings playing "stump the chump" and proving even clever self-deprecation can grow tedious.

He claimed he would answer any legitimate question.

I called his bluff.
He folded.

All I had to do was ask him why we never talk about student discipline? and he can't answer.

He can't tell us the truth about why he won't hold an open and honest public discussion about;

  • executive and administrative standards of conduct and accountability compared to;
  • student standards of conduct and accountability, and
  • executive and administrative responsibilities as the senior-role models of student standards of conduct, or about
  • student misbehavior in general; historically, currently and in future, and
  • the effect of chronically disruptive students; historically, currently and in future, and
  • whether crime statistics will continue to be falsified and hidden in order to improve the public perception of the APS.
He won't point to the time, the day, and the place where they will finally come clean with the truth.

He cannot summon the character and the courage to stand still somewhere and explain why he will not tell the truth, the whole truth and, nothing but the ethically redacted truth about student behavior in public schools.

I asked him to step up as a role model of the same standards
of conduct he holds up for students, link, and
the chump is stumped.

Stay tuned; he gets a pay raise Friday.

photo Mark Bralley

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