Friday, January 01, 2010

They say, justice delayed is justice denied. It is the same with public records.

Truthtelling delayed is truthtelling denied. link

The leadership of the state of New Mexico has conceded that we have a right to look at state contracts online; the New Mexico Contracts Database Website, link.

The fastest turn around you could expect on this public records surrender, would be the time between the letting of a contract at the end of the fiscal year and the following October; 3-4 months.

The worst case scenario would be waiting to see a contract let at the beginning of a fiscal year, and not seeing it until the October after fiscal year; 15-16 months.

Ethically redacted public records should be available within three or four days, not months.

All of them.

What more proof do you need that
you have no control over power and resources
that are fundamentally your own,

than that you can ask to see how they are being spent,
and then be told;

... get back to us in 16 months.


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