Sunday, January 10, 2010

The best candidate for governor is not a democrat, nor a republican.

As far as any individual New Mexican is concerned, the best
candidate for governor is the candidate who on the entire range
of (weighted) issues, promises solutions that are most
acceptable to that voter.

Yet the discourse is not about issues, it is about party affiliation.

Consider for example, Democracy for New Mexico, link.
Read nearly any post or comment, and you will read;
Republicans (all) this, or Republicans (all) that.
Yet clearly, (all) Republicans are neither.

Point to two people less alike than Colonel Allen Weh and
Representative Janice Arnold-Jones, both "Republicans".
Yet, on blogs like DfNM, no distinction is made between them.
Both are the targets of the same anti-"Republican" prejudice.

It is important that we raise the level of the discourse to
"issues" not parties.

I would reject out of hand, any argument by any candidate
that includes the words "Republican" or "Democrat";
neither plays.

The words that do play, are the words that outline solutions to
problems that affect all New Mexicans, regardless of whether
they are Democrat or Republican.

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Anonymous said...

Very well stated...and very true.
We also have to look at the candidates records and ask: Have they been active? Have they been honest? Have they made themselves available to public questions and input? Do they just vote along party lines? Is their loyalty more to NM, or more to the interests of their party?
For examples, an honest Republican should always win over a dishonest Democrat and a hard-working Democrat should always win over a lazy Republican.
Thanks for presenting that piece!