Monday, January 11, 2010

Political campaigns, a license to lie?

I am continually perplexed that people are witness to manifest
dishonesty during political campaigns, and then express surprise
when politicians manifest the same dishonesty in office.

If a person believes that it is alright to deliberately deceive
voters in order to get elected, why would there be any surprise
they would deliberately deceive voters to remain elected?

Consider Lt Governor Diane Denish's claims that; she "championed" legislation that put state contracts on line, and that she "fought hard" to see the legislation passed.

She, and the Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, Javier Gonzales, have been asked, link, to point to her blood on the ground at the scene of the "hard fought" battle.

Neither will respond to the question.

Denish also claimed to have participated in the effort to get the "database" up.

I asked the General Services Department PIO, to answer two questions; 1) what actual effort was required to get the "database" on line?, and 2) what part did Diane Denish play in that effort?

Guess what? no response there either.

There will be those who will argue that pretending a fight that never took place is a "little" lie, and no big deal.

I would ask, if a politician or public servant cannot summon the character and the courage to resist "little" temptation, from where will they find the character and the courage to resist greater temptation?

And if a politician is willing to deliberately deceive you in order to get your vote, why in the world would you be surprised when they continue to deceive you after you vote?

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