Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Investment fund losses may reach $200M

The total losses, through bad investments in companies tied
to people who contributed to powerful politicians in Santa Fe,
may reach as high as $200M according to an article in the
Journal, link.

Another $6M will be spent on lawyers covering the asses of
the folks who lost the money, link.

The remaining question; have we reached the tipping point?

Are the people fed up enough with being ripped off by corrupt
and incompetent politicians and public servants?

We will see how many people show up on the steps of the
Roundhouse next Tuesday, the 19th, 11am to 12pm,
there to demand an immediate end to the culture of corruption
and incompetence that is New Mexico state government.

If no one shows up, the good ol' boys will see it as a sign that
they can continue their rape of tax payers for at least another
year, and will proceed accordingly.

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