Friday, January 08, 2010

Allow state workers to talk to the press.

The following comment was left on a post on NMI, link, in response to the question; How would you address the state's the budget crisis?

Allow state workers to talk to the press.
(Currently, they're not allowed.
Anyone who talks, will be fired.)

Do that, and the public will suddenly know about so much waste that can be painlessly cut, that we'll all be getting tax refunds again.
Though I cannot point to empirical evidence to back up this allegation, it would not surprise me in the least. One of the very first things that happened when the story about the corruption in the APS Police Department broke, was senior administrator Tom Savage ordering APS employees to keep their mouths shut!

The allegation deserves some investigation. Are state workers really subject to retribution and retaliation for telling the truth?

How does that jive with their constitutionally protected human right to freedom of speech?

How does it jive with common sense?

Look at what the PRC ethics survey revealed.
Why not survey all state employees?

The very first question to ask them; are you afraid to point to public corruption and incompetence for fear of retaliation and retribution?

The is no more cogent indicator of institutional ill health than
the fear of retaliation against those to point to the disease.

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