Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gonzales, Denish, no comment.

The Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico,
Javier Gonzales, and Lt Gov. Diane Denish, have been asked
to respond to questions about statements both have made.

Specifically, they have been asked to respond to Diane Denish's
claim to have "fought hard" to pass HB 546; the bill that
created the historical reference "database" of state government

There is no evidence that there was any fight at all, much less
a "hard fight"; the bill passed unanimously in every venue in
which it was voted upon.

Was Denish's claim of a "hard fight", link, an inadvertent
slip of the tongue, or was it a deliberate effort to mislead voters?

Either way, they owe voters an explanation. Their refusal to
offer that explanation lends credence to the supposition that
the claim was not accidental; that it was in fact, deliberate
puffery the purpose of which was to mislead voters.

Do political campaigns provide a license to lie? Can candidates
say anything they want, true or not? Or are they a test of a
candidate's courage and character?

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