Saturday, January 09, 2010

Regardless of how you feel about health care reform

Normally, separate bills pass both Houses of Congress, and
then go to a conference committee to iron out the wrinkles and
produce one bill that satisfies both Houses.

That process would be open to the public.

Update: I am reminded that congressional conference
committees are not open to the public. Just recently,
the NM Legislature did open their conference committees
to the public.
A decision has been made to forgo the conference committee
and instead, "ping pong" the health care reform bills back and
forth between leadership caucuses, made up of only Democrats,
and in secret from the public.

The decision stands in stark contrast to President Obama's
often repeated promise, all discussions will be conducted on the
record, in full view of the people and, televised on C-span.

If we cannot take him at his word on transparency, how can
we take him at his word about anything else?

Is there anyone who still is confident enough in the character
and courage of their representatives, that they are comfortable
being cut out of the process entirely; willing to simply accept
whatever these people come up with?

This process may be "legal", but it is not ethical, and it is
not "right".

New Mexico's congressional delegation "pretty much backs the
secrecy ..., according to a Journal editorial, link.

Whether or not their constituents back the secrecy,
apparently doesn't play at all.

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