Wednesday, January 13, 2010

APS continues to publish its Employee Newsletter behind a firewall.

Another copy of the APS newsletter has been published and
again, it is hidden from the public. Why?

The APS Employee Newsletter is a public record by any
reasonable definition, yet in order to read the whole letter,
you would have to file a request to inspect and/or copy the
record, and then pay them $.50 per page for copies.

Just another example of APS leadership thumbing its nose
at the people whose taxes pay the bills.

One article I would have liked to have read to the end, is the
report on APS' new website, scheduled to come on line next

APS leaders claim the website will make it easier to find the
truth about what is going on in the APS. I doubt it.

The proof will come in the form of a search for a candid,
forthright, and honest accounting of the money being spent
at 6400 Uptown.

It won't be there; nor will any other information against interest.

It's just not the way they roll.

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