Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I will never agree to any audit that individually identifies corrupt or incompetent administrators or board members.

School board head honcho
Paula Maes
made that declaration,
on the record, in a policy committee

Wouldn't she deny having made
the statement, if she had not?

Why is the Journal not demanding an explanation, as part of
their coverage of the upcoming mill levy and bond issue election?

Is this not information that should be part of the discourse
surrounding the election? Don't they suppose that voters
might be a little concerned about entrusting $617M to people
who will not be held personally accountable for their corruption
and incompetence?

Do they not owe their readers as much?

I offered the Journal a DVD copy of the policy committee
meeting to prove I wasn't just making this up. They indicated
no interest in following up.

I have also asked on a couple of occasions, why they will not
follow up on their own story, link, of the involvement of APS
senior administrators in felony criminal misconduct, and the
ongoing cover up. They will not respond.

It must be nice to have the local "newspaper of record" in
your pocket at election time.

photo Mark Bralley

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