Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Journal perpetuates APS deception.

First in press release, now in the Employee Newsletter, and
who knows where else, the leadership of the APS is telling voters;

... the mill levy and bond issues will not increase taxes ...
Well, it seems one other place is the Journal, link, where we find;
If passed, the improvements package would maintain
taxes at their current level, not increase them.
The Journal is being only marginally more honest than the
leadership of the APS.

Yet their deception is exponentially more heinous.

While one can understand the need of the leadership of the
APS to deceive and mislead voters, the responsibility of the
Journal is exactly the opposite.

It is their responsibility to make certain that voters understand;
if the tax is not approved, you will pay fewer taxes that
you would if it is approved, and the corollary;

it the tax is approved, you will pay more taxes that you
would if it is not.
One would think, if the tax were justifiable, there would be
no need to deceive and mislead voters in order for it to pass.

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