Monday, January 04, 2010

The Disingenuity of Denish's Database

The Denish Database is being sold, link, as movement toward open and transparent government; a "new day", a "step forward".

In truth, the database includes no current information;
it is a history book short on facts.

The limited data available on the data base will be at least
3 months old, and could be as many as 15 months old.

There is no information available in the database, really
nothing more than a searchable PDF, which is not subject to
the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act

A request for public records, if honored, would yield more information and in a considerably more timely fashion.

There in lies the rub; the honoring of public records requests.

The truth is that the "honoring" of public records requests is
hit or miss at best. Any politician or public servant with something to hide, can hide it easily. And if caught hiding the truth, even in the most egregious violation of that law, will suffer no personal penalty or consequence for having done so.

There is a line between what we have a right to know, and what we don't have a right to know, about how our power and resources are being spent.

That line is really not a line at all; it is a gray area that stretches nearly from no truth to the whole truth. It is a gray area easily manipulated by the corrupt and the incompetent in their efforts to hide their corruption and their incompetence.

A public discussion on the placement of that line is necessary. Fundamental questions need to be addressed; where is the line, and, who establishes the line, the public, or the public servant?

The danger, the pit fall, in the Denish Database, is that it appears to be "a step forward" when in fact it is, two steps back.

KKOB Reporter Peter St Cyr, recently asked Lt Governor Diane Denish if she would support a review panel that would settle disputes over the redaction of public records, link. Denish sidestepped the question. When I asked her to address the question directly; to respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly, my request went unanswered, link.

This "database" is not a new day, it is not a step forward,
it is a smokescreen.

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