Sunday, December 27, 2009

Important ruling on Public Forums

Democracy for New Mexico, link, offers great news.

The 13th District Court for Cibola, Sandoval, and Valencia Counties ruled that local governments cannot prevent people from using the public forum to criticize public officials.

It is such a no brainer, you have to wonder why the ACLU needed to go to court to prove it. But then, that is the way bullies act. They won't stop their bullying until they are compelled to, by someone more powerful than they.

The ACLU also sent a letter to the City Commission of Truth or Consequences, which had passed a rule requiring anyone speaking at their public forum to submit their comments for prior approval by the Commission. DfNM reports that the City Commission dropped the rule.

I had filed two complaints with the ACLU myself; one over the rule in T or C, and one over the APS School Board arresting me for using their public forum to criticize them for their failure to tell their constituents the truth about various issues in the APS, link.

I have not heard from them, about my second complaint.

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