Thursday, December 31, 2009

Question; what is the difference between Denish's press conference and a PSA?

Lt Governor Diane Denish promised New Mexicans that
she would not do any more Public Service Announcements.

She acknowledged it was "playing dirty pool", link, for incumbent political candidates to use their public office to put their face and name in front of the public during elections.

Watch the video, link, and then point to a substantive difference
between her "press conference" and a PSA.

Except for the fact she would have had to pay $10K a minute
for a PSA, and a press conference is a freebee, I don't see one.

This along with with her claim, thirty seconds into the video,
of having "fought hard" to pass the legislation,
speaks to her character, imho.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She has done nothing for to earn the governship other than look the other way as Bill played his game.
DEMOCRATS... please! Let's not just put her in as the auto-candidate because she sat her ass in a chair waiting.
Even now, she still will not condemn Bill's dirty dealings. What does that say about her, and her loyalties to the people of NM???
I'll vote Republican before I'll vote for her, and I'm not alone in that!