Monday, December 21, 2009

Denish claims to be foregoing PSAs, but they're still running.

Lt. Governor Diane Denish was in another PSA this morning. It was paid for by the New Mexico Department of Health, and ran on KKOB.

Recently, she claimed she was going to stop doing that.
The NM Department of Health said they weren't going to use
the PSA anymore.

This is the part where it's fair to point out how cheap talk is, and
actions speak louder than words.

Update; it has been pointed out to me that these ads may have been in the works and "unstoppable", although no mention of that possibility was made by either Denish or the NM Dept of Health.

According to blogger Terrel, link,

A spokeswoman for the department said they have pulled the Denish ad. The department had planned to stop the PSAs in January anyway.

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