Monday, December 28, 2009

Journal editors love Ed Adams, hate his sweet deal.

Though the editors have nothing but praise for the man,
they find the sweet deal he got from the Chavez administration,
sour, link.

The editors are willing to give Ed Adams all of the credit apparently, for the MontaƱo Bridge, Isotopes Park, and a "big part ... in how Albuquerque looks today".

They are apparently of the opinion that if a person does enough "good", they get a bye for their "bad".

Adams ran the Department of Municipal Development when the system failed to protect taxpayers from getting ripped off by one of Marty Chavez' crony's nephew's landscaping company, link. The failure of the DMD to manage these contracts effectively and efficiently reveals incompetence bordering on corruption.

There is no reason to suppose that this blatant and egregious ripoff of tax dollars was a fluke. It would be bone crushingly naive to suppose that such egregious incompetence/corruption was limited to just one contract. Yet that is the presumption the editors make when they sing Adams' praise while ignoring his failure as the Director of the DMD, to protect taxpayers' interests.

The editors' "coverage" is lop-sided to say the least.

They say, where there's smoke, there's fire.
Here we have smoke and fire, and Ed Adams is getting a bye.

I look forward to reading about their outrage over the fact that the City of Albuquerque's Office of Internal Audit and Investigations did not investigate other contracts between the city and Mountain West Golfscapes; investigations which would undoubtedly reveal additional failures in Adams' department's management of their contracts.

photo Mark Bralley

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