Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mayor Richard Berry begins independent investigation.

There has been a cloud over red light cameras since their inception.

City Hall has been loathe to releasing any data that would support any investigation of the efficacy or honesty of the system.

Mayor Richard Berry promised to dismantle the program if it could not be proved that the cameras contributed to safer streets.

He has taken an unprecedented first step; an independent investigation of the facts, link.

The independent review he proposes is unheard of.

An independent review of the administration of the UNM was shot down by the Board of Regents, who are themselves are appointed by the Governor.

Governor Bill Richardson has no obvious interest in seeing anyone of his appointments held accountable for the conduct and competence of the administrators they oversee.

An independent review of the administration of the APS has been shot down by the APS Board of Education. Board President Marty Esquivel will not even discuss an independent review on the record.

There is a check and balance between administrative and executive branches of government.

Administrators are not directly accountable to the people; they are accountable to the executive branch, which in turn is accountable to the people.

If the executive branch of government is not willing to step up and hold administrators accountable, they are free to do whatever they please, hire whomever they want, and pay them whatever they care to.

It is unusual to say the least, for an executive leadership to tell the actual truth about the performance of administrative leadership.

Kudos to the new Mayor.

photos Mark Bralley

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