Monday, December 07, 2009

NM Department of Health TV ad starring Diane Denish

Diane Denish's run for governor got a boost when Denish was
tapped to star in the TV spot being run by the NM Department
of Health.

Unclear whether Denish has any particular expertise in the flu
or in preventing it, but it sure doesn't hurt to get your smiling
face in front of voters, for free.

It is fundamental fairness issue, Mark Bralley points out.

All perfectly "legal" of course.

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Anonymous said...

If she had been doing service announcements before, it wouldn't be so cheest and "Cheating" that she suddenly starts now.
Initially, I was ok with her. However, her siding with that hateful guy Harriss, not standing up to Richardson, and now getting face time for her own agenda.... I think it makes her look like a really dubious candidate.
Dubious, or spinelee, nonetheless she is sure to be the Democrat's nomination for governor, because that how old-man politicians run things.
To Denish and "old-style" Republicans & Democrats: You run young people away from joining your parties when you do things "just because that's how it's always been done".
If Denish is no good, then find another Democrat to replace her. And stop with the "we hate all republicans" hat-crap.
Young people don't respect the "good ole boys clubs" fact, we hate the whole idea, in all it's forms! (That's also a hint to you incompetent Schmidley
@ UNM)