Thursday, December 17, 2009

Denish has some more 'splainin' to do.

Jim Scarantino has uncovered more stimulus fund spending
by Lt Governor Diane Denish, link.

Of interest is a comment left on the post by someone who will
identify himself only as "Richard".

It is for the most an ad hominem attack on Scarantino and his blog.

Richard is unhappy because Scarantino didn't go to Denish
and ask her for some explanation of the spending.

In his response, Scarantino points out correctly;

Fair point. Indeed, Denish’s office has criticized us for not asking them to comment. Problem is, they’ve never answered any questions, even when we spell them out in e-mails with the promise we would print their answers verbatim.
That is my experience as well.

She did the same thing to me when I asked her to clear up the confusion over whether she would really support an independent body that would oversee public records requests.

Politicians and public servants like Denish, can't respond to legitimate questions about the public interests and about their public service, by ignoring the questions.

It is a fundamental flaw in our government.

It is proof positive that we have lost control over power and
resources that are fundamentally our own.

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