Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unscientific poll points to problems in the APD.

The poll on the Eye on Albuquerque, link, was "unscientific".

That means the results are unreliable. It doesn't mean the results are inaccurate.

If "eye" readers are really in the know about the inner workings and hidden mechanisms in the Albuquerque Police Department, there are real problems.

The suggestions of problems in the leadership of the APD are so relentless, it would seem prudent to investigate them.

The problem is, the system doesn't work that way.

If anyone wants an investigation done,
they must first do the investigation they want done.

And if the investigation reveals corruption and incompetence,
maybe another investigation will be done by those powerful
enough to do something about what they find. Or not.

The good ol' boys don't necessarily like each other. They may not even get along. But they act as one in defending the good ol' boy system from attack by outsiders.

Mayor Richard Berry may come to regret his choice for Chief of Police. Or he may not. Likely, he will just ignore the criticism and act like nothing is wrong.

That works out alright for him, and for Chief Ray Schultz,
but not so good for the rank and file who complain about
corruption, incompetence, and retaliation for pointing to either.

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