Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Shannon Garbiso - unafraid.

Shannon Garbiso, the UNM student who conducted the original investigation into Locksley Gate has taken exception, link, to the report in the Daily Lobo which portrayed her in fear of retribution and retaliation should she tell the truth about her actions.

Garbiso's colleague, Maria Garcia, who's testimony was the substance of the story in the Lobo, still maintains that her version is the truth.

Being a cynic, I am required to point out that if one really were afraid of retribution and retaliation, they would be required to say that they were not.

Comments on the story have to be taken with a grain of salt.
Yet, there are people who claim to be knowledgeable and on
the inside, who believe Garcia's version more than Garbiso's.

An independent review, would of course, settle the issue
at once and for all.


Michelle Meaders said...

I didn't know Shannon Garbiso was a UNM student -- the Lobo linked article, and others, refer to her as an "Athletics representative" and I thought she was an HR employee there.

It's a shame she apparently has to be so scared at work. New Mexico needs a whistle-blower law!

Michelle Meaders said...

I looked up Shannon Garbiso at UNM. She is indeed listed as a student as well as an employee. You can't tell how much of each she is signed up for. A full-time UNM employee used to not be allowed to carry more than a few credits as a UNM student; I don't know if that's still true. (They can be a full-time student anywhere else, or be raising triplets, or have another job.)