Saturday, December 12, 2009

21 Vice Presidents at UNM

The Journal reports on possible job cuts and furloughs at the
UNM, link.

Martin Salazar reports that there are 21 Vice Presidents on
the payroll.

Which begs at least one obvious question; are taxpayers getting their money's worth?

Which begs another question; how would we know?

If you ask the leadership of the UNM, I would suppose that they would say yes. What else could they say?

But if you hired someone to come in and do an impartial investigation, would they come to the same conclusion?

Unfortunately, we will never know. We will never know because,
there never will be an impartial investigation.

If you google "business efficiency experts" you will find an interesting Wikipedia overview, link, and 4,210,000 other hits.

There are organizations and individuals who do this for a living.

They just won't be doing it at the UNM.

Ask UNM President David Schmidly.

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