Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Throw the bums out!

An oft expressed opinion is that the only way to fix our government is to elect a whole new team.

So along comes an absolutely antithetical candidate.

The exact opposite of the status quo.
Not one of the good ol' boys by any stretch.

Former United States Senator, the "honorable" Fred Harris (one of the status quo) says to ignore her because

"None of the four candidates running for the Republican nomination is well-known. None has ever held statewide office and they're all just now beginning to introduce themselves to New Mexicans, link."
Lt Governor Diane Denish, (one of the status quo) says;
"Sen. Harris hit the nail on the head ..."

The only real complaint they have lodged against Janice Arnold-Jones is that she is a new comer, a political pipsqueak, and doesn't have two million dollars to spend.

She showed them "pipsqueak" when she turned on her webcam.

And they say Republicans need to raise the level of the discourse?

photo Mark Bralley

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