Monday, December 28, 2009

Can Diane Denish work with Republicans?

Is anyone else sick to death of partisan politics?

Little good comes from intransigent toeing of the party line.
Most good and lasting solutions are found in the middle.

Whoever is elected Governor, s/he who works best with both sides of the aisle, is more likely to do what is best for all New Mexicans.

If you examine the rhetoric coming from the Denish campaign, you will find the word "Republican" used in derision.

In a letter to her supporters, Denish heaped praise on Senator Fred Harris for his attack on "Republican candidates", accusing (all) Republican candidates of running campaigns based solely on negativity, completely void of any new ideas to help New Mexico families.

Denish wrote; Sen. Harris hit the nail on the head."

In fact he did not, though he never admitted to, nor apologized for his misguided attack. She never recanted her support for his misguided attack.

In fact, there are substantial differences between the Republican candidates. Consider; Allen Weh and Janice Arnold-Jones. It would be difficult to find two more different people. He, for example, fought against the adoption of Roberts Rules of Order for Republican meetings. It was Janice Arnold-Jones who had placed the question on the table.

Weh believes in ham-fisted leadership, link, Arnold-Jones, anything but. Yet Denish would happily paint Arnold-Jones and Allen Weh with the same brush in order to mislead voters.

I have been attending Rep Arnold-Jones' Saturday morning office hours for almost two years now. I have not heard her say one bad thing about Diane Denish, not one.

I have heard Arnold-Jones praise Democratic legislators at least as often as I have heard her offer praise to fellow Republicans. She can point to a record of working across the aisle.

Denish cannot, or will not, even differentiate one Republican from another.

Which of the two will lead both sides toward solutions that work for all New Mexicans; Republicans and Democrats alike?

Extremists in the Democratic Party, looking for someone to cram Democratic initiatives down Republican's throats, will find their voice in Diane Denish.

Extremists in the Republican Party, looking for someone to beat Republican initiatives into people "with a baseball bat" will find their voice in Allen Weh.

Moderate Democrats and Republicans, looking for moderation and respect for all voices, will find their voice in Janice Arnold-Jones.


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous. The Republicans are the party that have, on both the state and national level, been reflexively anti-Democrat.

Saying that electing a Republican would help with bipartisanship shows just how... partisan you have become.

Not to mention the use of "Democrat" when "Democratic" is correct and not a pejorative.

ched macquigg said...

The use of Democrat rather than Democratic was the result of some study. My intention was to use the correct form, not a pejorative form.

I'll look it up again.

The idea that a Republican is incapable of bipartisanship is ridiculous. Janice Arnold-Jones is no more responsible for what "Republicans" are doing on a national or state level, than your Denish is responsible for Richardson's corruption.

I note that you cannot point to any bipartisanship on the part of Diane Denish.