Sunday, December 06, 2009

"anonymous" points to huge problems in the Albuquerque Police Department.

The question is; do you ignore complaints from people who make their complaints anonymously simply because their complaints are made anonymously?

One of the allegations that "anonymous" makes is; if s/he made a formal complaint, s/he would suffer retaliation.

That fear is justified.

Despite sworn testimony from
Chief Ray Schultz,
that there
is no retaliation against police
officers who file complaints
against other police officers,
a federal court jury decided

They awarded $662,000 to
a police officer that was subjected
to retaliation for testifying in court against other police officers.

That fear is justified.

"Anonymous" makes other allegations as well, coercion, intimidation, cronyism, dishonesty, lack of integrity, lies, deception, double standards, and favoritism.

APD PIO Nadine Hamby has admitted that the leadership of the APD makes no effort to research any of these allegations by means of an impartial survey of the rank and file.

Though it would be simple to do a survey of a couple of thousand employees, asking them if they see corruption and incompetence, and retaliation for reporting either, no survey has ever been done.

Likely, no survey will ever be done.

There are only two reasons to not survey;

  1. it would cost too much, and
  2. it would reveal the inconvenient truth.
The cost is inconsequential.

Mayor Richard Berry
promised open and honest

He promised an end the cronyism,
the corruption and the incompetence.

Then he appointed Ray Schultz to Chief of Police, despite all of these outstanding allegations and his ongoing refusal to document the truth about them one way or the other.

Berry it seems, is also loathe to surveying the rank and file as a means of rooting out corruption and incompetence.

Though, the cost of doing a survey, would be inconsequential.

The only real cost would be the fallout from revealing the inconvenient truth about the width and depth of corruption and incompetence in City Hall.

photos Mark Bralley

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