Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unabashed politicking

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars
are being given to Democrat Senators in order to secure their
votes in favor of the health care bill now before the Senate.

A high ranking politician has said, anyone who didn't get their
fill at this trough, simply isn't paying attention.

They are absolutely unashamed that they have sold their vote
in exchange for hundreds of millions of dollars worth of benefits
for their constituents.

This is the way things are done, they say.


Michelle Meaders said...

Why are there complaints about senators getting things for their constituents? I thought that was part of their job. And Republican Senators usually do it, when they aren't all voting against things.

We should instead be complaining about senators getting lots of money for themselves from lobbyists, in return for not voting for bills that would help their constituents.

They are puposely trying to make this administration fail, instead of upholding the constitution, as they are sworn to do.

ched macquigg said...

I would argue that while representatives should be looking out for their constituents, they should be looking out as well, for the entire country not just their constituents.

There is a fine line of course.