Thursday, December 17, 2009

APS looking for input on cell phones.

So they say, link. Being a cynic, having been there, having done
that, I doubt that they really are. My experience is, they are
looking for some input that supports their intention.

They intend to ban cell phones from school campuses.

There is one opinion here that matters more than most.

It is the opinion of the teachers and staff members who are
expected to enforce this "stupid rule" against the wishes of
nearly every student in the APS. It is they who will pay the
piper when kids look for someone to hold accountable.

APS has a department called Research, Development and
Accountability. They have the wherewithal to survey teachers
and determine with some degree of certainty and accuracy,
their buy in.

According to an online calculator, link, of random survey size
and accuracy, RDA could survey 400 or so teachers, and get
results that are accurate within 4%, + or -, with 90% confidence.

A one item survey; piece of cake.

They won't of course. It's just not the way they roll.

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