Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A fundamental difference.

When Rep Janice Arnold-Jones and Doug Turner were asked to point to a fundamental difference between them, neither could.

I can.

If you go to Errors of Enchantment and watch the Candidate Forum video, link, at approximately 1:45:40 you will hear me ask both candidates to describe the limit they would place on transparency in government.

Doug Turner went looking for instances of government that should be open.

Rep Janice Arnold-Jones went looking for instances that
should not; and could not point to one
(except those provided by the law, of course).

The approach is fundamentally different. One presumes
opaque except by exception, the other presumes
transparent except by exception.

Diane Denish, Susana Martinez, and Allen Weh
were not even there to take the question, and still
have not answered it.

All else equal, which is the more likely to provide really transparent government?

I would rank them in the following order.

1. Rep Janice Arnold-Jones

2. Doug Turner

3. (in alphabetic order) Diane Denish, Susana Martinez, and Allen Weh.

photos Mark Bralley

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