Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More windows will be broken.

Over the weekend, vandals broke between $8K and $10K
worth of windows at Cochiti Elementary School, link.

KOB reported, link, APS spent $619,000 last year, repairing vandalism at APS schools; a new record.

I would suggest, if character education were taught, and if
expectations were enforced on APS campuses, that number
would go down.

When I was teaching character education, I admitted that character education was not going to change the worst kids into good kids.

What it does do, is push the undecideds in the right direction.

There are kids who think about it for a minute, when their peers
say, let's go break some windows.

APS is giving those kids nothing to work with
as they make their decision.

Do the math, the fewer kids that think vandalism is acceptable,
the less vandalism there will be.

In a very real sense, the leadership of the APS is responsible
for vandalism in schools because they steadfastly refuse to
invest in any training that would lead students down a different path.

There is no character education in the APS.

There is no discipline philosophy for getting kids under control.

There only cleaning up the mess afterward.

To the tune of the better part of a million dollars a year.

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