Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Fred Harris won't apologize, now Diane Denish piles on.

Former United States Senator, the "honorable" Fred Harris got a little carried away when he wrote an op-ed piece about Republican mud slinging. He included gubernatorial candidate Rep Janice Arnold-Jones in his accusations.

His attention was drawn to his mistake.

He has neither apologized nor retracted his accusation, though
it is incontrovertibly unsubstantiated and unjustified.

Now, Lt Gov Diane Denish is piling on.

In a letter to her supporters, she calls his op-ed "important" and
praised him for;
(taking) "Republican candidates for Governor to the woodshed for running campaigns based solely on negativity, completely void of any new ideas to help New Mexico families.
Denish heaped on the praise writing; "Sen. Harris hit the nail on the head."

Well, no he didn't, at best he hit two, maybe three,
the fourth was a miss if there ever was one.

Harris could not summon the character and the courage to retract his false accusation.

Now it is Denish's turn to show us her character and her courage, by acknowledging her error and making an appropriate apology.

Arnold-Jones ignored the Harris piece,
but when Denish piled on,
she felt compelled to respond.
Arnold-Jones wrote;
"... if the Lt. Governor wants clean campaigning,
she should lead by example.
This is certainly not the way."

She has a point.

photo Mark Bralley

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This shows where Denish's loyalties lie: solely to party and to the "old guard" of government that has failed NM so many times.
Did Denish even read that hateful Harriss' statements? Who does she think is "mudslinging, if she did read his statements".
I usually vote democratic, but I will stand up to HArriss', and now Denish's hateful attitudes.
Congradulations you 2 dumbasses! You are running young people away from the democratic party! (are you secretly working for the Republicans now you old out-of-touch political do-nothings?)