Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Paying to be misled.

Taxpayers have paid $11,000, to a media consulting firm to help the leadership of the UNM to get through the latest scandals unscathed.

According to the Journal, link,

The Athletics Department has five full-time employees in its media relations office along with three interns and three part-time undergraduate students. The university also has a separate media relations office.
Not enough people apparently. So they had to hire outsiders
to help them manipulate the truth in less damaging ways.

Personally, I would rather just be told the truth.

For $11,000 we probably could have paid for an independent review of the handling of Locksley Gate.

According to UNM President David Schmidly, that review
would completely exonerate everybody in the process from
allegations of a cover up.

That alone would have largely rehabilitated their reputations.

Instead, we paid to be shined on by professional "shiners on".

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